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Is your basement flooded or is water logging bothering you? Don’t worry. Do you know that a sump pump can help you keep your basement water-free? If you are living in Pacific Grove, Monterey, or Carmel Valley, call Wilson’s Plumbing for expert sump pump services. If you already have a sump pump installed that is not working properly or efficiently, have us take a look at the problem. The monsoons will be upon us in a few months. If you have a problem with water logging, a sump pump can help. If you want to know more about our sump pump services, feel free to call us now.

Types of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are mainly of two types: pedestal and submersible.

  • Pedestal sump pump – In this sump pump, the motor is kept on a shaft, outside the sump pit. These sump pumps are economical. But care should be taken to see that water doesn’t touch the motor or the motor does not become submerged. Pedestal sump pumps will have a lifespan of up to 15 years if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the book.
  • Submersible sump pump – Here the motor is sealed within the unit and it is submerged in water. Submersible sump pumps are a good idea if there are children in the house. They are perfect if the basement has been finished. These are more expensive than pedestal sump pumps. These will last for up to 30 years.

Advantages of Installing Sump Pumps in Pacific Grove

Installing a sump pump has many advantages. Basically, there are two reasons why water may gather in the basement. The water table in the area may be high or water may be seeping into the basement from outside (run-off).

  • The float in the sump pit will ensure that the sump pump starts automatically when the water reaches a certain level.
  • Standing water can damage the foundation, cause wood to rot, and also weaken the walls. The sump pumps will flush the water out through a drain pipe.
  • A sump pump acts like an insurance against damage. A sump pump is indispensable if water collects in your basement.
  • A sump pump, when applied along with other water-proofing solutions, can keep your basement dry.

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