Water Re-Piping and Gas Re-Piping in Pacific Grove by Wilson’s Plumbing

Are the water pipes or gas pipes in your home leaking? A complete re-haul of the system might be expensive. If you want to avoid the exorbitant costs, there is another option, Pipe relining.

As water and gas pipes age, they start to corrode. In the case of a water pipe, the deposition of sediments and rust will obstruct the flow. Gradually, the quality of water will deteriorate, leading to foul smell and colored or bad tasting water. Corroded gas pipes are even more dangerous because there is a chance of fire. Also, if your water or gas pipes are very old, there will be a significant loss of carrying capacity.

Water pipes that have lead or copper based fixtures can be very dangerous to health. It has been found that in about 15 years, 90% of a copper pipe’s wall-thickness corrodes away. This also causes cracks and pinholes.

The Advantages of Pipe Relining in Pacific Grove

Pipe relining also has its share of critics, but the process certainly has many advantages over traditional replacements. Here are a few of the benefits of relining the water and gas pipes in your Pacific Grove home.

  • The materials and the resins used in the relining process can hold the pipe together for up to 50 years.
  • Compared to pipe replacement, pipe relining is economical.
  • A competent person can reline a pipe quickly (in only a few hours) compared to the many days it might take to replace a pipe.
  • There is minimum excavation involved.

Hire Wilson’s Water and Gas Re-piping or Pipe Relining Services Today

Pipe relining can restore the flow in your gas or water pipes, and can be quick and affordable. Pipe relining will prevent leaks, plug tiny holes, and keep corrosion at bay. Wilson’s Plumbing is a 70 year old business, and we have been relining pipes for a long time now. All your water and gas pipes will be handled by experienced and insured professionals.

To know more about our pipe relining services in Pacific Grove, Monterey, or Carmel Valley, you can contact us on 831 375 4591. Ask for a free estimate. Call Wilson’s Plumbing and Heating today!

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